Krishna Desk & Wall Calendar 2019

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We are very glad to announce the arrival of Sri Krishna Mandir’s New Year Wall and Desk Calendar for the year 2019! Get it home and get purified day by day just by looking at the beautiful pictures of Lord Krishna. There is no difference between the picture of Krishna and Krishna Himself. This is absolute platform. So, His picture is as powerful in purifying us as He Himself is or His word like the Bhagavad Gita is.

Get It Now – 

 There are a few schemes through which you can avail yourself of this calendar: You can come down to our temple and pick up the calendar at its price of $10.

If you place an order of 5 calendars or more (to distribute them to your near-and-dear as gifts) by replying to this email, you will get free doorstep delivery personally by the temple devotees along with Maha-Prasadam to residence or office as per your convenience.

Payment can be done at the point of delivery.

You can order even less than 5 (even 1) and pay through either cheque or online thru your card @ $13.00 per piece (owing to Postage). 

Please ensure that you give your mailing address in the email while placing the order. The calendar will be shipped only upon receipt of payment.

Click Here To Make Your Booking

Payment Modes: 

Cash at point of sale.

NETS – Pay using NETS at point of sale. (We have a mobile NETS machine)

Cheque in favor of “Sri Krishna Mandir” either at point of sale or mail.

iBanking – Transfer fund to DBS Autosave A/c # 004-020-8153

Debit/Credit Card –

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