In order to effectively serve the Singapore community by preserving and offering the rich cultural heritage of Kṛṣṇa consciousness for the benefit of the public at large, and to be able to do it for generations to come, we need to solidly establish ourselves here. We need a permanent temple premises with full facilities to be able to do it.

For this reason, we, at International Sri Krishna Mandir, are currently actively negotiating a property deal for free-hold property to house the temple permanently here in Singapore. Because we haven’t signed the deal, we can’t officially mention the specific property at this point in time.

We had similar offers with other properties recently. The common factor that always holds us back in all such deal negotiations is the required fund in order to commit to the project.

With all the taxes included, it will cost us SGD 12 million. And we have less than $500,000 at the moment. Therefore, we have initiated this Mandira-Sthāpana project to increase the Temple Building Fund. We need to climb a huge mountain. And we request your utmost cooperation in realizing these funds.

If the property deal is finalized, which can be any time, we need to raise the entire amount of SGD 12 million in less than a year. 

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“If the devotee offers something to the Lord, it acts for his own interest because whatever a devotee offers the Lord comes back in a quantity a million times greater than what was offered. One does not become a loser by giving to the Lord; one becomes a gainer by millions of times.”

— Srila Prabhupada