Sri Snana Yatra


According to Skanda Purana when King Indradyumna installed the wooden deities, he arranged this bathing ceremony.

Please take this rare opportunity to perform Abhishek for their Lordships, Lord Jagannath, Baladev & Subhadra

4th June 2023 (Sunday)

6:30pm to 9:45pm

Sri Jagannatha, Baladev, Subhadra

The Divine Bathing Ceremony 



6:30pm to 7:00pm – Sandhya Arati/Kirtan

7:20pm to 8:10pm – Maha Abhishek

8:20pm to 9:45pm – Prasadam

A grand arati is performed to the accompaniment of the Gaura Arati, a song composed by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. After the arati, the Deities are bathed in a Grand Abhishek with Ganga water.

The day’s celebrations end with the distribution of sumptuous prasadam.


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Sri Snana Yatra

The Divine Bathing Ceremony

Snana Yatra, also known as the “Bathing Festival,” is a significant event in the Vaishnava tradition. It commemorates the grand ceremonial bath of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra, the deities worshipped in the sacred Jagannath Temple in Puri, India.

During Snana Yatra, the deities are ceremonially brought out of the temple and placed on an elaborately decorated bathing altar known as the Snana Vedi. The deities are bathed with various auspicious substances, including sacred water and fragrant oils. This symbolic bathing ritual is believed to cleanse and rejuvenate the deities, signifying the onset of the monsoon season and the divine preparation for the Ratha Yatra, the grand chariot festival that follows.

Snana Yatra is a vibrant and joyous occasion filled with devotional singing, dancing, and elaborate decorations. Devotees from far and wide gather to witness this sacred event and seek the blessings of Lord Jagannatha. It is believed that participating in Snana Yatra and witnessing the divine bath bestows immense spiritual merit and purifies one’s heart and soul.

The water in the pots is cold because of the hot weather (in India at that time). Due to profuse bathing Their Lordships get transcendental fever and “fall sick”. This is to allow Their devotees to serve Them more intimately.  The Deities are kept in a special “sick room” called the Ratan vedi inside the temple. This period is called Anabasara kala meaning improper time for worship. There are many who visit the temple to see Lord Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Devi regularly every single day, and for them, Their retirement after the bathing ceremony is unbearable. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu felt Lord Jagannatha’s absence from the temple very much.

snāna-yātrā dekhi’ prabhura haila baḍa sukha
īśvarera ‘anavasare’ pāila baḍa duḥkha

“Upon seeing the bathing ceremony of Lord Jagannātha, Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu became very happy. But when Lord Jagannātha retired after the ceremony, Lord Caitanya became very unhappy because He could not see Him.” [CC Madhya 11.62]

The word ‘anavasara’ is used when Lord Jagannath cannot be seen in the temple. After the bathing ceremony, Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladeva and Subhadra Devi do not appear in the temple altar for 15 days.

Thus, for those 15 days, They are not visible to any visitors. During the Ratha-yatra ceremony, Lord Jagannath once again comes before the public.   [CC Madhya 1.122]




By partaking in Ratha Yatra, you can immerse yourself in the rich devotional atmosphere, witness ancient traditions come to life, and deepen your spiritual connection. Join us in this auspicious celebration and experience the transformative power of Ratha Yatra firsthand.

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Pushpa-Alankara Seva

Contribute towards decorating the Deities of Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladev and Subharda Devi with colourful flower garlands (Pushpalankara Seva) on the day of Sri Snana Yatra.

Maha-Abhiśeka Seva

Sponsor the grand Maha-Abhishek of Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladev and Subharda Devi, who will bathe in sanctified waters of the Ganges.

Maha-Prasada Seva

Be a sponsor of the special Kichiri maha-prasad offered to Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladev and Subharda Devi as well as sponsorship of prasada served to all the guests who participate in this festival.

Outright Contribution

General contribution to this festival in support of the divine bathing ceremony of Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladev and Subharda Devi.


We are excited to have your help as a volunteer. As a volunteer, you will play an essential role in making this event a success.

We are looking for enthusiastic and reliable volunteers who can commit to it.

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