Science of Godhead

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The Hare Krishna Magazine of SKM​

Science of Godhead is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing the glories of Krishna consciousness. This informative and inspiring magazine imparts to readers both the philosophy and the practical application of Krishna consciousness into one’s daily life.

This modest production features lectures from founding acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, articles imparting knowledge on the vedic approach to current world issues, an overview of recent and upcoming festivals and events, worldwide activities of Sri Krishna Mandir and feature articles covering a range of topics.

Science of Godhead shall not present philosophies of mundane writers and thinkers because such philosophies are full of defects, and therefore, useless in effecting any positive change in the world. After all, to err is human. Therefore, it will solely present the factual conclusive messages of the perfect Supreme Personality of Godhead and will train the reader to see the world from a factual holistic perspective in relation to God. Such vision shall dispel all ignorance and shall reveal the Supreme Absolute Truth without any covering and will ultimately lead one to the perfection of life.

Science of Godhead is a humble attempt by Sri Krishna Mandir to fulfill this most important need of modern society, to dispel the ignorance of material society and mold the reader to progressively remember Kṛṣṇa in every step of his life.

We invite all the level-headed people of this world to kindly give their serious attention and patronage to this transcendental endeavor. In such a civilization directed by the word of Godhead, the much sought after peace and harmony can flourish indiscriminately. Otherwise, it is simply impossible!

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