Sri Krishna Mandir Philippines recently extended their helping hand during the September floods in Manila. The yearly monsoon brought widespread floods that effected many families, leaving them displaced, wet and hungry. The devotees took this opportunity to provide over 1,000 free meals, at three different locations to flood victims which was met with eager faces and cries of joy.

In Manila there is a wide scope for the Food For Life, free food distribution program. It is quite a common sight to come across street kids aged between 5 and 15, who can’t even afford to get one full meal a day.  Children are often found sniffing some kind of solvent in order to forget their hunger pains.

Run by a small team of fulltime dedicated devotees, SKM Philippines has been actively engaged in these operations for the last one year. With donations raised locally as well as from abroad, there has been a steady increase in the activities over the last few months and they are currently conducting up to three sessions a week feeding at least 1,000 children per week.

Although the opportunities are unlimited, the resources are limited. Many children and families are still going hungry as the team of devotees struggle to keep up with the demand. With the hope that new benefactors will come forward they are eagerly waiting to extend this most important feeding program.

A big thank you to all those who have in some way or the other contributed to this noble cause!

For further information or to contribute to the
Philippines Food For Life program contact:

Gunamālā Devī Dāsī +639158717665

Vraja Kiśora Dās: +639063575532