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What Will Your Donations Be Used For?

Deity Seva:

Raj Bhoga Sevā — $131/day
Fruits — $30/day
Sweets — $30/day
Milk — $20/day
Ghee — $15/day

Annadanam Seva:

Distribution of 1000 packets weekly to the poor and needy

Feed 25 pax — $51/month
Feed 50 pax — $101/month

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Vedic book Distribution :

To migrant workers and students

Go Seva :

For our farm @ ISKM Kota Tinggi (Malaysia)

Cow Fodder $200/month
Goshāla Maintenance $200/month

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Who is a ‘Patron’ at Sri Krishna Mandir?

Although the word ‘patron’ is generally used to refer to a person who financially backs a cause or an organization, in Sri Krishna Mandir, a person is referred to as a ‘Patron’ if he/she specifically commits to a fixed, regularly recurring financial contribution towards our organization.

Our Divine Mission

Our divine mission is to propagate the pure science and practice of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Sankirtana Movement, which is the non-different adaptation of Sanatana Dharma just suited for this degraded age of Kali-Yuga. In this movement lies the ultimate benefit of the entire humanity at all levels of consciousness namely physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

In pursuance of our above-mentioned ideal, Our Objectives are as follows:

  • To provide facilities for the congregation and worship of Sri Sri Radha & Krishna.

  • To promote the study and practice of Vaishnava (Lord Krishna) teachings as stated in all Vedic Scriptures and in particular the Bhagavad-gita, Bhagavatam, and Caitanya-caritamrta.

  • To promote the educational, spiritual, moral, cultural and social interests of its members.

  • To distribute Krsna-prasadam, that is pure sanctified vegetarian food for the benefit of everyone.

  • To organize grand festivals on important days for special worship of the Lord.

  • To organize fundraising projects

  • To produce publications and other educational content using devices like dioramas, audio, video, telecommunication, the internet, and social media.

  • To provide structured courses on scriptural study for a deep and scientific understanding of God.

  • To enrich and empower youth with the treasure trove of Vedic wisdom by conducting outreach programs.

  • To provide counseling and continued guidance for people in their troubled times.

  • To eventually construct a permanent temple structure and to make it the seat of learning of all Vedic knowledge and culture in Singapore and South-East Asia.

What is the Patron Program?

The Patron Program is like a membership scheme wherein a person commits to a regular contribution to our temple typically through Debit/Credit Card or GIRO. In return, the patron would receive immense blessings of Lord Krsna and would also enjoy certain privileges.We need all your support to make our vision a reality of securing our society’s future with Krsna consciousness.

The Patron Card

In March 2019, we have launched a new initiative called the Patron Card. We wish to bring our patrons closer to our temple. From what we have observed, the vast majority of our patrons have been contributing financially but have not taken advantage of our full range of services at the temple that benefit them and their families even further. We want them to benefit from our variety of services by active participation and feel at home at our temple. This Patron Card is our first step to nudge them in that direction.

Eligibility For Patron Card

Anyone who contributes a minimum of $1/day either by Debit/Credit Card or GIRO is eligible to get a Patron Card. The deduction happens either monthly or yearly. That means it is either $31/month or $365/year. There are people who contribute more than this minimum amount and we thank them for their generosity and goodwill.

Benefits of The Patron Card

Apart from receiving immense blessings of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna, the benefits the Patron Card holders accrue are as follows:

  1. Attractive discounts for the temple’s products and souvenirs:
    1. 10% discount for all purchases of books and souvenir paraphernalia
    2. 5% discount for Kṛṣṇa-Prasādam catering services for your events
    3. 20% or more discounts for courses at the temple (exact figures will be announced with the individual course announcements themselves)
    4. Attractive discounts for pilgrimage tours (exact discount will be announced with each individual tour announcement)
  2. Free subscription to Temple’s bi-monthly magazine Science of Godhead and the yearly calendars
  3. Free e-Newsletter Subscription
  4. Special VIP access to festival services like dining and pūjās
  5. Free Kṛṣṇa-Prasādam meals at temple any time
  6. Discounted lodging at our ISKM temples in other countries (depending on availability)

Patron Card: Terms & Conditions

  1. Use of this card shall be governed by the terms & conditions of Sri Krishna Mandir’s (SKM’s) Patron Program as may be amended from time to time. The full details of the terms and conditions will be displayed here on this webpage.
  2. The Patron Card shall be issued only to those who contribute a minimum of $1 per day or $31 per month or $365 per year and sign up to our patronship scheme.
  3. The Patron Card is valid only if there is no lapse in the recurring payment. Before every usage of the card, SKM staff might ask the patron to present the card and might check its validity in the organization’s data. The patron needs to oblige to this simple procedure.
  4. By use of this card, the patron agrees to the terms & conditions of SKM’s Patron Program.
  5. SKM reserves the right to amend or withdraw any part of the benefits and privileges and/or terms & conditions of the Patron Program without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision/s of SKM will be final.
  6. All prevailing privileges and discounts are offered only upon presentation of this patron card and are not applicable with any other special offers or promotions.
  7. This patron card is NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  8. This card shall be retained if it has been misused, stolen, tampered, replaced or fraudulently issued.
  9. This card is the property of SKM and must be returned upon request.
  10. An administrative fee of $10 shall be levied on each replacement of the patron card in the event it has been reported lost/stolen.

We thank all patrons for their continued support towards our noble mission to reestablish peace and harmony in the society based on the principles of Bhagavad-gītā.