After 25 years, we have replaced our Altar with a brand new hand sculpted masterpiece from Vrindavan. The intricate carvings on the timber are so captivating that we cannot do justice by describing it in words. One has to conceive its immaculate beauty and exquisite designs in person to grasp what is being expressed here.

The altar’s beauty however multiplied a million more times when their Lordships took centre stage, mounting the black marble slab, giving divine Darshan to all. Queen Kunti declared in her prayers that “As long as Krishna is with us, everything in our kingdom and our capital, Hastinapura, is beautiful. But when Krishna is absent our kingdom will not be beautiful.” The same could be compared to the altar whose artistry came to life with the lotus footprints of the Lord. Hundreds of people attended the inauguration ceremony which commenced with Sandhya Arati accompanied with ecstatic singing, dancing and glorification of the Lord.

The entire atmosphere was electrified with the holy names dancing on the tongues of everyone present. The Kirtan was followed by a discourse given by H.G Sundar Gopal Prabhu who gave an eye opening lecture on the importance of temple worship and associating with devotees which is contrary to the popular believe that “God is in my heart, I do not need to go to temple” sentiment.

The audience were enlightened and delighted with their new found knowledge and many more came forward to donate generously for the altar and renovation works which cost a colossal $58K. As the saying goes, “save the best for the last”, and so it was, when delicious Mahaprasadam was served to all who honoured and indulged to their hearts content.

This event is one of the most significant milestones in the history of ISKM and we pray that our humble endeavors to please their Lordships will allow more to reconnect their lost relationship with Krishna The Supreme Personality Of Godhead.

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