Chariot rolls out on the street of Kota Tinggi, ISKM

Ratha Yatra or Chariot Festival, The most splendid of the innumerable festivals, is the grand culmination of a series of celebrations in the temple calendar Year.

The centuries old ancient festival of the world “Ratha Yatra”- The Festival of Chariots, indeed the Grandest magnificent sight of the World. Ratha Yatra is the Festival of Splendor, The Festival of Color, The Festival of Chanting and dancing, Festival of cultural extravaganza in which the Lord Jagannath Lord of the Universe Comes forth in all his Magnificent splendor along with His powerful Brother Baladeva and Sister Subhadra sitting on the Chariot to enjoy the Ratha Yatra Parade and to shower blessing to Everyone


The Chariot Festival at ISKM Kotta Tinggi begins with journey of Lord of Universe Jagannatha from sanctum sanctorum to outside world with Royal Procession. Lord is carried with thrilled and intimate ecstasy to mount richly decorated gigantic chariots by devotees to the accompaniment of gong, cymbals and drums.

The whole atmosphere is spiritually tumultuous. Everybody jostling in crowd to have a glimpse of their Dark darling, The devastatingly dusky handsome Lord Jagannatha.

At first Sudarshana, the celestial wheel of Jagannatha, is brought out and placed in the chariot of Subhadra followed by Balabhadra, Subhadra and at last comes Lord Jagannatha, darling of the devotees, in a regal procession
with accompaniment of cymbals and mridanga, sankirtan -Congregational chanting of Holy name of Lord. After thy Lordship mounted their respective chariots, there is a Grand Arati of all deities performed on their respective chariots.

It was spectacular to watch, as time moves forward the atmosphere got spiritually frenzy, everything seems Jagnnathaised. Chariots appear Jagannathaised, Rope is Jagannathaised, path on which Chariots set to roll Jagannathaised as if waiting for this bleesed moment to welcome their beloved Lord .

The devotees are Jagannathaised, by seeing this splendidly mesmerizing, magnificent and magnetic sight, they became stunned. Their eyes became wide and round Like eyes of Jagannatha. The wonderful feelings were inexplicable.

DSC_0123The Next phase of festival is a ritual known as Chhera Pahanra. Sweeping the floor of chariot.It is traditionally performed by King or chief Guest of festival.

The King offers prayers to deities and then cleans the platforms with a golden broom, sprinkling flowers and fragrant water on the surface of the chariot. This signifies that even the highest sovereign power of the country is only a humble servant, before the real sovereign the Supreme Personality of Godhead Jagannatha.

At last the grand moment and the climax of the day’s celebration is reached when the chariot of Lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Lady Subhadra starts its spectacular journey. Hundreds of devotees who patiently wait for this blessed moment are ecstatic with joy and pull the chariots with a sense of fulfillment and Loudly chanting Hari Bolo! Hare Krsna ! Jai Jagannatha! Jai Baladev ! Jai Subhadra !

According to the scriptural statement those who are fortunate to have audience of Lord Jagannatha on Chariot are eligible to free from cycle of Birth and Death ,and ensured spiritual emancipation therefore saints, poets and scriptures have repeatedly glorified the sanctity of this special festival.

Jai Jagannath

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