Fifty years after the momentous occasion of the incorporation of ISKCON Inc. in New York, the glorious Hare Krishna movement established by its Founder-Acarya SrilaPrabhupada, is in shambles. By the numbers, it definitely looks much bigger. Hundreds of temples, tens of farm communities, thousands of devotees and millions of books distributed. But if we dig a little deeper, we can understand that the expansion has happened on the momentum that was set by SrilaPrabhupada. There has been a tremendous decline in the quality of the movement, though. It is not a rock solid expansion. It is more like the expansion of a balloon. At any time it can burst. It is actually crumbling on the inside.

All that degeneration can be attributed to a single major offence that has practically uprooted the very foundation of our movement — the wilful disobedience of a simple and straightforward instruction/order of SrilaPrabhupada regarding his position as the sole diksa guru (initiator guru) of ISKCON by some select individuals. As you can see on Our Mission page, we, at ISKM, are here to make a humble attempt to rectify this gloomy circumstance by sincerely following the instructions of SrilaPrabhupada to the letter without any personal motive.

As a humble gift to SrilaPrabhupada, we at Sri Krishna Mandir Singapore, released on the 13th of July 2016, on the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of ISKCON Inc., a position paper called Initiations After 1977 (IA77), version 1.0 which is a simple and authoritative presentation of the truth about this entire issue, replete with documentary and sastric (scriptural) evidence, yet simple enough for anyone to understand. Every devotee has a considerable stake in this matter and we therefore implore you to read it and share this article/document around to all those who you think should be helped.