The basic storyline of Ramayana is pretty much similar to that of a typical bollywood movie. Where hero, a heroine and a villain are featured. There is apparent depiction of romantic affair between hero and heroine.
The villain lusting for the heroine in the climax there is an exciting fight between the hero and the villain, culminating in the defeat of the villain and re-union of the hero and the heroine. The Fundamental difference is all the hero, heroine and villain in movie or real life are actually villain RAVANA just they masked as protagonist or hero and heroine.
Every one here having the the mindset of Ravan. How to enjoy and exploit others without caring for God. How to defy, decry and defile God who provides us bread and butter. God who is our maintainer, who out of his causeless magnanimity created the material world to rehabilitate and reform us despite our rebellious and contemptuous conduct against him.
We are so puffed that we are thinking I am the doer without understanding the fact our effort is secondary. Just like bird makes effort to search for grains but if God would not have created the grains in the first place then how much ever labor a bird can put to search for grain becomes fruitless.
We should understand everything is pre-designed by God and as saying goes not a blade grass moves without his sanction. Those insane scientist, proud philosopher and arrogant atheist declared God is dead.
They are now dead and gone. Therefore we should learn to acknowledge supremacy of God and our dependence and obligation to him.
Srila Prabhupada started this Krsna Consciousness movement to educate people in the subject matter of science of God. We will not be blinded by the fact that imitation of heroes and heroines. We can not become Ram and Sita rather it is evil mentality.
We can all become heroes too if we render service to the supreme hero Lord Rama, like Hanuman otherwise we have to meet similar fate as Ravana met.